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 We believe that the construction process should be a enjoyable experience.  We have developed processes and procedures to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.  As a boutique firm we focus on two primary aspects of this business, quality of craftsmanship and client satisfaction.  We focus on these two items first, because everything else comes second to us.  We have focused on these two aspects of the business from day one and it is what drives our processes and procedures.  When you chose us for your project, you get attention to detail from start to finish.  We prepare our estimates using 3d software to get a full view of the project from the design phase.  Being able to visualize a project before it has even begun, allows us to determine any issues which may arise before they do. This equates to savings in not only budget, but schedule as well.  All material take offs are completed during the estimating phase which drastically cuts down on scheduling delays once the project has commenced.  Utilizing a basic 3d model and floor plan of the project during the construction process allows subcontractors to prepare much more accurate proposals and eliminates waste and schedule delays.   


When you chose Trinity Construction & Design to build your home you can count on cost transparency. As a cost plus contractor you have full control of your budget.  All pricing is provided to you and stored digitally in the cloud. Not only do we store all pricing information, we store all project related information from invoices, receipts, plans, job site photos, product warranties,  paint colors, etc.  This job file is used through construction and then provided to the client at the end of each project so that you will always have it when needed.  It's simple really, by utilizing everyday technology that we all have grown accustomed to, we are able to operate a paperless office while still maintaining all of the most valuable project information.  By utilizing Dropbox folders for each client you will be linked to your Dropbox job folder and will be notified via Dropbox every time a file is added or changed.  We also utilize Co-Construct for job management, budgeting and scheduling.   



Trinity Construction & Design was started by Michael and Brittany Cocozza in 2010. Michael grew up in construction working for his father and Brittany attended Ringling School of Art and Design. Merging their collective talents and experience the two of them have teamed up in marriage, business and parenthood. As a small business in a town full of contractors and interior designers they recognized that their business needed to stand out above the rest.  Focusing on quality craftsmanship, honesty, integrity and client satisfaction their business has continued to grow year after year.  Over delivery is the basis of their business.  


Trinity Custom Construction was started by Michael and Jesse Cocozza in early 2014. As twin brothers who each had individual carpentry companies we found ourselves being nudged to merge together as one. Finding great success in the custom carpentry market in Sarasota, together we have completed some amazing projects for some of the most successful custom home builders throughout Sarasota County.  Being able work together as carpenters as well as a team with Trinity Construction & Design is a blessing that we are extremely thankful for.


Trinity Design was started by Brittany Cocozza in 2015 after gaining experience in the industry for both commercial and residential designers Brittany was ready to start her own business.  She has been blessed with some great clients and has gained the majority of her business through the referrals of satisfied clients.

"You will never be any better than your client's perception of you.."

                                                                                              - Robert Cocozza


We would love the opportunity to meet with you about your next project. Please contact us today and schedule a meeting.  You can also connect with us on facebook. Click the link below.


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